aplicacion incineracion sistema optima

Incineration and cremation


The results in reducing polluting emissions that can be obtained through the OPTIMA® System by regulating the different parameters of the kiln taking into account the O2% present in the combustion gases are immediate.

MSW incineration plants are designed for the thermal destruction of industrial and pathological waste through different methods. Combustion is carried out by means of gas/air or gas/O2 burners as appropriate. Sometimes the combustion air is enriched with O2 in the different parts of the process to improve it, make combustion more efficient and ensure that the waste is completely destroyed.

incineracion y cremacion oxycomb


Another application within the field of Incineration is crematoriums. The continuous control and recording of the levels of O2%, temperature, CO and static pressure of the gases present in the post-combustion chamber (1,200ºC) are essential. Correct combustion with the appropriate excess air in a combustion chamber significantly reduces the generation of dioxins and furans (gases with high environmental control).

To achieve this, OXYCOMB Systems offers the best technology available on the market through its non-extractive technology OPTIMA® / BLUESKY® analyzers. Unlike their extractive competitors, these require minimal maintenance as they do not extract any sample from the gas stream, do not have filters, resistors or systems for sample conditioning. All this makes OXYCOMB analyzers the best solution on the market.


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