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OXYCOMB Sistemas is the only national manufacturer of these analyzers and has extensive experience in installations for the control of channeled emissions. If your AAI requires reliable self-control with continuous measurements of the main polluting gases in the chimney, we are your supplier.

control emisiones ambientales sistema optima

The continuous control of polluting emissions into the atmosphere is an aspect that has acquired great importance in recent times. Both from the EU and from its different member states, a great effort is being made to lay the foundations for the prevention, surveillance and reduction of air pollution in order to avoid damage that it may cause to people or the environment.

The different laws and royal decrees that the different administrations have approved have been directed in this sense (Directive 2010/75/EU, Law 2/2006, law 34/2007, RD 100/2011, RD 102/2011, etc.).

Currently, all companies are classified according to the potentially polluting activity of their facilities. In many cases, the review of the integrated environmental authorization (AAI) obliges the holders to maintain internal control of continuous measurement and recording of channeled emissions in all existing emission sources in the plant.

The BLUESKY® and OXCEMS® analyzers become the most appropriate technology to satisfy the requirements established in the AAI revisions/renewals. Thanks to them, continuous self-control measures of O2%, CO, CO2, NOx, SO2, particles, temperature, etc. can be carried out. in the different channeled plant sources.


If you are interested in our combustion control systems, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team will advise you to improve the efficiency of your combustion processes.